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[oneshot] KyuWook; Hide-And-Seek

Title: Hide-And-Seek
Pairing: KyuWook
Others: Eeteuk
Rating: R/NC-17
Genre: Smutt
Summary: "1, 2, 3, GO," screamed Eeteuk and Kangin. EunHae raced out of the dance studio. SiHanChul ran in a hurry to find some place to hide in the room, with Heechul complaining about the hiding spot being either too small or too easy to be spotted in. YeBum tiptoed into the room next door. ShinMin ran to the cafeteria. And KyuWook rushed to find a place just big enough to fit the both of them perfectly. Yes, they were playing hide-and-seek -the couple version of course.
Author's Note: I have not written any smutt for a long time, so it's kinda blah. I actually wrote this for giinnnzz because she had requested for some KyuWook smutt from me. xD To be honest this is the quickest I've ever written smutt before as well, which is amazing. lol. But anyways, giinnnzz I hope you like it! And oh, the story plot is credited to her as well; she was the one that gave me the ideas. (: Decided to post it today since it's Ryeowook's birthday! Happy Birthday Wookie<3 But yea, now go and read away! Hope you guys enjoy it. 8D
WARNING!: This contains boyxboy smutt, so be aware!

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had their hands clasped tightly together as they ran around the SM building, looking for the “best” hiding spot. Kyuhyun was leading and Ryeowook was following right behind him. “Shouldn’t I be the one looking for a hiding spot?” Ryeowook pondered out loud. “I’m better at finding places to hide, Wookie,” his boyfriend replied. “I’m older than you though!” He complained. “Just shut up, hyung; we only have a minute to find somewhere to hide!” Kyuhyun warned. Ryeowook frowned, but continued to follow closely behind. It wasn’t a few seconds later, when Ryeowook pointed out to an open door. “No, we’re not seriously going to hide in there!” Kyuhyun said horrified. Ryeowook grinned and ignored Kyuhyun’s outburst. Ryeowook took over and dragged the younger one away with him. “What other choice do we have? Like you said just awhile ago, we do have only one minute, which is about to end in only a few seconds,” he said smirking. Kyuhyun groaned.

Once they were in the small cramped room, which was most likely, a janitor’s closet; Ryeowook shut the door behind the both of them, not knowing it would automatically lock. “Ryeowook, why’d you lock the door?” Kyuhyun asked. Ryeowook turned to look at him like he was crazy, and shook his head. “I didn’t lock it, Kyu. Why would I do that?” He asked confused by the other boy’s assumption. Kyuhyun went ahead to squint his eyes suspiciously at his lover before going to the door. He turned the knob and pushed against the door, but it wouldn’t budge one bit. He tried once again, this time hitting the door with his palm. Ryeowook stared in uneasiness. They were stuck, but Kyuhyun couldn’t blame him right? They both didn’t know the door was on automatic lock.

“Great, now we’re both locked in this cramped closet!” Kyuhyun cried in agony. “Calm down, it’s not like we’re going to die being stuck in here,” he said, trying his best to stay calm and not lose it. Kyuhyun whipped around and glared at Ryeowook. “It’s all your fault. Now we’re stuck in here; how will they ever find us?” Kyuhyun said. Ryeowook furrowed his brows at the magnae. “Hey! I didn’t know the door would lock by itself you know?” He protested. “For God’s sake, it’s a janitor’s closet, hyung! The doors are always on automatic lock!” Kyuhyun yelled. Ryeowook frowned again. “…That’s why I hate this game,” the older one mumbled. It wasn’t until now, that they realized how close they were, and how small this janitor’s closet was. They had stopped bickering. Kyuhyun could feel Ryeowook’s breathing on his chest. Kyuhyun felt himself hardening at the feel of Ryeowook’s thigh touching just slightly in between his legs.

Before he knew it, he was placing kisses on Ryeowook’s neck. The older boy shivered at the soft touches, but still attempted at pushing the other away. “K-Kyu, what are you doing?” Ryeowook whimpered. “Kissing you,” Kyuhyun replied between the many butterfly kisses being planted. “Not now, we’re playing a game and what if a janitor accidentally walks in on us?” Ryeowook said with a hint of panic edible in his voice. Kyuhyun ignored him and continued on. “Kyuhyun~,” Ryeowook said in a whining tone when he finally pushed the other boy away from him, “I’m not playing here.” Kyuhyun looked at his hyung and sighed. “Ryeowook, I can’t… I can’t –Look at me!” Kyuhyun groaned, stepping back.

Ryeowook looked from Kyuhyun’s face and his eyes traveled downwards until he noticed the growing bulge in Kyuhyun’s sweats. His eyes widened a bit at the sight, and he stared up at Kyuhyun’s face, while biting on his bottom lip. He scoots over to Kyuhyun and cups his face in his hands before lowering him down to let their lips touch and envelope into a tender, yet so passionate kiss. Kyuhyun moaned and broke away, resting his forehead against Ryeowook’s. “Don’t bite your lip, it might bleed,” he said so quietly and softly with so much worry embedded into it, that it made Ryeowook’s heart flutter. And before you know it they’re kissing again, but with more force.

Kyuhyun knew that if they were going to really do this, it was going to have to be quick and fast because they both didn’t know when somebody could unlock the door and find them like this. He quickly undoes Ryeowook’s jeans and drops onto the ground, to level his head in front of Ryeowook’s erection. He’s too lazy to take off Ryeowook’s boxers at the moment and just proceeds to suck on the base of his dick through the fabric. Ryeowook is taken by surprised and moans loudly, his hands reaching out of tug lightly on the younger one’s hair. Kyuhyun hums as he sucks and licks wetly and hungrily at Ryeowook’s clothed erection, excited about how he’s doing so well at pleasuring his boyfriend. Soon Ryeowook is bucking up towards his warm cavern.

“Ngh… K-Kyu..hyun… please…” he begs in a defeated tone. And Kyuhyun obeys willingly because he still remembers that doing this at this time was risky. He quickly stripped Ryeowook’s wet boxers off and threw them below the both of them. As soon as it was off, he could see that Ryeowook’s erection was covered with his precum and hard. He smirked and quickly took Ryeowook into his mouth. He bobs his head quick and sucks hard. He relaxed his throat and allowed Ryeowook to fuck his mouth. He moaned when he felt Ryeowook moving, causing Ryeowook to groan. Ryeowook just couldn’t get enough of Kyuhyun’s mouth. He was always good at this, and he always will be better than him himself. Kyuhyun grasped Ryeowook’s hips and stopped him from thrusting into his mouth any further, making the older boy cry out in annoyance. He removes Ryeowook from his mouth and starts licking again. Trailing up from the base to the tip and running around the head once, before going over the sensitive slit and pressing his tongue down on it. Kyuhyun takes it into his mouth quick, as Ryeowook screams loudly in ecstasy and comes into his mouth.

Kyuhyun swallows most of it, and goes to up kiss Ryeowook deeply before transferring some of it into his lover’s mouth. He smirks right afterwards. “Hyung should I end here?” Kyuhyun asks teasingly. Ryeowook looks at him and chuckles, before wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun’s hips and pulling their bottom half’s to touch one another. The magnae moaned at the touch. Ryeowook reached in between the both of them and gropes Kyuhyun’s fully clothed erection, causing him to close his eyes tightly and moan. “You’re still hard, so why don’t you just fuck the shit out of me with your dick, Kyu? Are you scared to, or what? You know how you like to do me, so stop procrastinating baby,” Ryeowook whispered into his ear hotly. Kyuhyun felt a shiver run down his spine at the way Ryeowook was speaking to him. “No prepping and lube then, I guess?” He asks with a raised brow. Ryeowook kisses him quick and replies, “No you fucking idiot, I’m prepared enough. Just fuck me already! Ugh…” Ryeowook cries out, frustrated.

Kyuhyun quickly pulls down his tights along with his boxers in one quick go, and looks up at a smiling Ryeowook. “Don’t look so innocent when you’re really not, hyung…” Kyuhyun groans. He roughly lifts Ryeowook’s body up as he wraps his legs tightly around his waist, and positions his erection at his lover’s opening. Without any warning, he slams in hard and Ryeowook cries out loudly in satisfaction. “Oh god, Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook screamed. Kyuhuyn smirked and continuously aims hard at Ryeowook’s hole. He pulls out almost all the way before thrusting back in, hitting Ryeowook’s prostate. “AH! Kyuhyun! Ngh… so good…” Ryeowook moaned loudly. “Ughh, Ryeowook… you’re so warm and tight… I love that…” Kyuhyun said breathlessly. Ryeowook closed his eyes tightly as Kyuhyun hits him in that oh-so-good spot deep inside of him.

Kyuhyun tightens his hold on Ryeowook’s waist, and thrusts harder. “Faster, Kyu, faster… oh please, more… more, Kyu… oh yes!” Ryeowook yelled. Kyuhyun could feel himself coming to his end. Ryeowook also, felt himself coming again. “Aghh~” Kyuhyun groaned. “Kyu… Kyuhyun… I’m so close…” Ryeowook informed, trying his best to hold it in. He had precome dripping off the tip of his erection again. “I’m about to release too, baby… just hold it out a bit longer… ngh… oh yea…” Kyuhyun replied. Ryeowook closed his eyes and tightened his hold on the magnae. Kyuhyun suddenly slammed Ryeowook against the cement wall, as he thrust hard and deep into Ryeowook one last time before shooting his semen into Ryeowook. Ryeowook screamed with his eyes shut tightly, and came with him as well, his cum coating both his and Kyuhyun’s stomachs and chests.

They laid against the wall for support for a few minutes before Kyuhyun pulled out and Ryeowook removed his legs from his waist. The both then slid to the ground, tired out from what they just did. “I love you, Kyuhyun…” Ryeowook said tiredly, as his hand found Kyuhyun’s. “I love you too, Wookie,” he replied the same way, with the same amount of love. The both took awhile to regain their normal breathing. Once they were normal again, the both got up and redressed their bottom halves. Suddenly Kyuhyun’s head shot up his eyes wide, and looking at Ryeowook. “What is it, Kyu?” Ryeowook asked confused. “Oh god, our shirts…” Kyuhyun said frightened. Ryeowook looked down at his shirt and finally noticed the wet stains. “Oh shit,” he cursed, palming his face with both his hands. “What are we-“ Ryeowook started, but stopped in mid sentence when they both heard the door click. They stared at it in fear.

A flick of light flickered in and made the small crowded closet lighter than it already was, and they saw that it was Eeteuk and the rest of the members, along with the janitor. “Oh thank you so much, Mr. Shim!” Eeteuk exclaimed, before hugging the janitor and barging into the closet, making it much more crowded. He grabbed the two boys and hugged them close to his chest. “Oh I’m so glad we found you two! We were worried sick about you two!” Eeteuk cried. He looked down at the two youngsters and then frowned. “What happen to your-“ he stopped his words and looked at the now innocent looking boys right in front of him. Not a second later, he smelt that familiar smell of sex and lust, and gave the both of them a death glare. “You two,” he growled, “How could you guys do that in such a public place?!” Kyuhyun and Ryeowook flinched. Oh he was angry all right.

“I am going to make sure you guys get a good lecture when we get home!” Their leader screamed furiously. He grabbed them by their ears and dragged them out of the janitor’s closet, almost getting them stuck in the door. “And I thought you two should enjoy winning the hide-and-seek game for being the last couple founded, until I found you two like this! Sfdjfhksue!” Eeteuk informed his earlier thoughts. “I forbid you two to play this game with us from now on!” Ryeowook and Kyuhyun widened their eyes at this. “HYUNG!!!!” the both of them cried.

Yes, they did end up enjoying this game of hide-and-seek compared to everyone else. They got locked up in a janitor’s closet, had sex, and were the winners of hide-and-seek. What shouldn’t they be happy about?

The End. xD

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