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[oneshot] KyuWook; Love Disease

Title: Love Disease
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: Love… is like a disease. No matter how happy you are, there will always be pain. And no matter how small or big the pain is, it will always be etched into your memory. Even… if there are many happy ones.
Author's Note: Hey everyone! I am back with some more KyuWook! 8) Excited? Maybe, maybe not? Since it's angst anyways~ But even so, I do hope you guys enjoy this one. And right now, I am working on a chaptered fic for this pair. It will be up as soon as I can figure out a title for it. xD But for now, please enjoy this oneshot. Comments are greatly appreciated<3

Love… is like a disease.
No matter how happy you are,
There will always be pain.
And no matter how small or big the pain is,
It will always be etched into your memory.
Even… if there are many happy ones.

13 years ago…

“Kyuhyun-ah, say hi to Ryeowook,” your mother instructed. You just stared at the small boy, who was slightly hiding behind your mother’s friend’s back. To your amusement, he was older than you, yet so small. He was 8 and you were 7. You already knew you wouldn’t like him just by the way he looked; shy, fragile, mute, and stupid. Your mother nudged you from behind a bit, and pushed you forward to introduce yourself. You rolled your small eyes. “Annyeong, I’m Kyuhyun!” You said, not smiling much. “Be nice to him, okay? Mama and Papa are going to be inside with Ryeowook’s parents. Have fun.” And they left you two alone after those words were said. Ryeowook stood where he had been earlier, his hands behind his back, and still quiet. You actually began to believe he was autism or had some sort of disorder, until he finally spoke up.

“H-Hi?” You heard him mutter shyly. Your eyes squinted towards him, suspicious. Wait… what was there to be suspicious about? You didn’t know, but you just were for some reason. When you continued to stare at him, you noticed he began to feel uncomfortable. You removed that look on your face and smiled at him. “You talk?” You beamed joyfully. He nodded. “I’m Ryeowook,” he grinned at you. “I know your name already! Let’s go play!” You exclaimed, jumping happily. He nodded once again. With no more patience, you grabbed his hand and led him to your backyard to play soccer. And while you did so, you thought, Hmm, maybe he isn’t as bad as I thought. But what you didn’t expect was you sticking with him forever.

5 years ago…

Ryeowook was 16 and you were 15. You two were both in high school, and even though you two didn’t have classes together due to grade and age difference, you both had the same lunch and always left school with each other. Both of you were like glue, no one could separate the two of you from each other. If you had to stay afterschool, Ryeowook stayed with you. Because you were younger, he always took care of you. So what if he always looked after you? You were always the mature one. He was like a brother to you, and you weren’t sure how to repay him for that.

The bell rang and you rushed to go meet Ryeowook out at the school gate. You ran to your locker, grabbed all the things you needed, and sprinted outside, the principal yelling after you for running in the hallways like some maniac. You saw him waiting at the gate, and smiled. He waved at you, and you couldn’t help but get butterflies in your tummy. In no time, you reached him. “Hey! Slow down,” he pouted at you cutely. You just grinned goofily at him, and he pinched your cheek lightly as he giggled at your expression. You were still trying to catch your breath. “Hyung, can we stop by the ice-cream parlor before heading home? My treat,” you said, pouting back at him as soon as you regained your breathing. He looked up at the sky, thinking. “Mm… sure! But I’m paying!” and he ran off without you. “YAH!~” you screamed, chasing after him. “That’s unfair!” “Nu-uh.~” “Is too!” “Do you want ice-cream or not?!” “Yes, but- oh fine! Go ahead and spend your money! I’ll have more than you then.” “Okay~”

2 years ago…

He was 19 and you were 18. Your parents had agreed to let you two move into an expensive apartment together. You couldn’t have been happier being able to live alone with your hyung. No more parents would have to tell you two what to do. You guys were, after all, freshmen in college now.

You looked yourself in the mirror. “I like you, hyung,” you said with a serious expression. You shook your head with a “No, that’s horrible”. “I really, really like you, Ryeowook hyung~” you said, this time cute. That turned out being another “no”. “Hyung, I like you! So would you give me a chance? It’s fine if we can’t be-” “Do you, really?” now that wasn’t your voice. You turned around and saw Ryeowook standing by the door. Your cheeks turned a bright red, and your eyes showed embarrassment. He walked over to you, and you could feel your heartbeat increasing with each step he took. “Kyuhyun, do you really feel that way about me?” Ryeowook asked in such a soft tone once he reached you, and it only made you become more bashful. You nodded shyly, and he laughed. You frowned.

There wasn’t anything funny about your unready confession. And then you feel him wrap his arms tightly around you, pulling your bodies close, causing you to blush some more. “I’d love to give us a shot. Know why, Hyunnie? Because I also you like you a lot too,” he whispered into your ear. Your heart jumped at his confession. You finally take time to wrap your arms around him too, but he pulls away slightly almost instantly just to look at you. You smiled at him, and he did the same. Before you can comprehend anything, he already lowered down and kissed you on the lips gently.

1 year ago…

You were 19 and he was 20.

“Ryeowook, I’m home!” You yelled, while coming in through the door. You had just gotten back from work, only to come home to meet silence. It was evening, and none of the lights were on; the only source of light was coming in from the windows, making their apartment look bluish. You took off your shoes and wondered where your boyfriend had gone. He usually came to greet you. “Wookie?” you called as you walked deeper into the apartment. You stopped in your tracks when you saw him sitting on the couch. He wasn’t sleeping in a sitting position or anything, but he didn’t look himself. His eyes had no expression and he was staring off into space.

Worried, you walked over to him cautiously. You kneeled down in front of him and looked up at him; you could now see the trails of tears on his cheeks. “Ryeowook, is something wrong?” You asked calmly. He didn’t answer you, nor look at you. “Baby, tell me what’s wrong…” You pleaded, bringing a hand under his chin and turning him to look at you. And that’s when he begins to cry harder and let out quiet sobs. You lift yourself higher and he leans into you, wrapping his arms around your neck. All you could do was hug him back. “Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun, I’m dying.” He cried weakly.

Your eyes widened, and you pulled him completely away from you. “W-What? Ryeowook, are you crazy? What makes you think you’re dying?!” You said; hands holding his shoulders as you lightly shook him. He only shook his head and pried your arms off his shoulder tiredly. “Remember when I fainted two weeks ago and you had to take me to the doctor due to me having intense fevers?” Ryeowook reminded you. You just nodded. “You remember me telling you the doctor needed to take some tests on me right?” You nodded again. “Well… the results arrived this morning and… Kyuhyun, I… I have leukemia.”He said, looking you in the eye.

You shook your head, letting out a small laugh. “N-No… That can’t be. The results must have been wrong! There was probably an error! Let’s go back over there and tell them to-” “No! I’ve already done that. I have leukemia, Kyuhyun. And no matter what, we’re going to have to find a way to deal with it. I know it’ll be hard, but I only have another year to live. It’s too late for me.” He said, managing to show a sad smile. You shook your head and began to cry yourself. You were angry with God. How could he take the most important person in your life away from you? You pulled him into a tight embrace, scared that if you let go he would disappear right before your eyes.

“I don’t want to die, Kyuhyun… I don’t want to leave you…” Ryeowook sobbed, as he clung onto you. “You won’t die, I know you won’t. We’ll just have to fight hard, Ryeowook. We could do that, together…” You said with a shaky voice, while running your hand through his hair. That night, you and he held each other tightly in bed. He needed your strength, and you needed his. That was all the both of you could wish for at a time like this.


You stared at his sleeping face, while holding his hand in yours. You could hear the heart monitor beeping every second. As that continued, you knew he was slowly slipping away from you. No, you guys weren’t at the hospital. He didn’t want to spend his last moments in a building that was all white and filled with ill people, so they had talked the doctor into allowing Ryeowook to stay at home. But even so, he was too sick to do much now. You’ve noticed he would get paler each day, and that scared you. You never knew when he would slip away from you.

You felt his hand jerk a bit, and soon his eyes flutter open. He looks at you a flashes a weak smile. “What happened?” he asked clueless. You forced yourself to smile back at him. “You went unconscious, that’s all. The doctor came to check on you and said everything should be okay,” you said. You knew part of it was a white lie. You and he knew everything wasn’t okay. “Really…? That’s good,” he breathed out his words heavily. You nodded. Things became quiet between the both of you. Suddenly he pulls at your hand, and you look at him questioningly. “…Come to bed with me?” he mumbles. You nod once again and climb into bed with him.

You pull him close to you, and tuck your head under his chin. Your ear rested against his chest, and you let out a sigh at the sound of his heartbeat. Tears begin to fill your eyes, and you take a deep shaky breath to help you hold back those tears. He knew you were going to cry, and that’s why he wrapped his arms tighter around you even in his weak state. “I don’t get it… How is it possible that you’re fading away…? I still hear it. Your heart’s still beating, isn’t it? It’s still beating loud enough for me to hear and feel. You’re still breathing aren’t you?

“I can still feel it come warm against my skin. So why are they telling me you’re going to be gone? Why are they doing this to us…?” You cried quietly to him as he held you. You could feel him pulling you closer to him. He lets out a shaky breath as well, and you begin to cry, your tears wetting his shirt. “I’m still here, aren’t I, Kyuhyun? I’m holding you against me right now, am I not? I’m letting you cry on me, right? I’m not leaving yet. I won’t go until I’m too ill to open my eyes just so I can see daylight, alright?” He said to you, lightly brushing your hair back with his fingers. You nod and close your eyes tightly, more tears falling. He bends his head down and kisses the top of your hair.

“Are you tired, Kyuhyun?” Ryeowook asks you in a soft tone. “Only a little,” you reply, even though you knew fully you were exhausted. “You should sleep,” he tells you. You shake your head. “No,” you protest. You wouldn’t –couldn’t at all let him slip past you no matter what. “I love you, Kyuhyun…” Ryeowook says with so much love it pains you inside. You don’t say anything until he asks you to. “Do you love me?” He questions, even though he knows the answer. “Yes. Yes I love you, Ryeowook. I love you so much that when you’re gone, I’ll feel like a part of me has been ripped away. But even so, there will always be you inside my heart and memory.” You say with as much love.

He sighs and moves a bit. “Kyuhyun…?” he mumbles. You tip your head up a bit to look at him. “Hmm…?” You answer his call. “…Can we switch positions? I… I want to hear your heartbeat, please…?” And you do as he wished. You remove your arms from around him and move up. He wraps his arms around your waist and you pull him close to your body. He cuddles into your touch and hums a bit. “Mm… you’re so warm, Hyunnie.” He said quietly. You froze at the sound of the nickname he had given you. You hear the heart monitor begin to pick up its pace, and you look at it panicked. He was beginning to slip away from you already. He smiles peacefully as he closes his eyes shut, and you become scared.

“Your heartbeat… so soothing… I wish to hear it beat like this for me always…” He whispered, still smiling. He fakes a yawn, and you shake your head frantically. “No… No, Ryeowook, don’t sleep; n-not yet. Please, not u-until I do…” You beg, voice beginning to crack. “Mm… good bye, Kyuhyun. I love you…” And soon everything just stopped. You couldn’t feel his chest move anymore. All you could feel was his limp body in your arms, and the million tears falling down your cheeks. And all you heard was the heart monitor’s loud, long beep. You cradle him the closest you can to your body, and rock back and forth, letting out painful cries. You’ll never forget meeting him and being able to love him the way you did...

Don't kill me? *runs away* Okay, I know I ended it horribly, but! The story was still nice, yes? Comments<3