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[Drabble] KyuWook; Blue Tomorrow? Maybe.

Title: Blue Tomorrow? Maybe.
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Summary: Ryeowook is tired of having blue tomorrows.
Author's Note: Wrote this today because I'm bored and I don't want to do my homework. And it's to make up to my wonderful readers, since I haven't been able to update "Insomnia" for about a good two to three weeks now. I'm so sorry to you guys, by the way for not updating. I've been super busy, so there's a lot of stress. But there is a link to a preview of the next chapter to Insomnia, which I'm not done writing up yet. So my wonderful Insomnia readers, keep your eyes open for it! And now you may go read this sorry gift, my readers. xD

“Yah, Kim Ryeowook!”

Ryeowook turns around from the sound of his name resonating off of someone’s tongue. He’s stun to see the one and only person he’s been waiting for so long, just a few meters away from him. The other boy smiles at him and he can’t help but manage a shaky smile, as tears of joy engulf his eyes. He drops the textbooks in his arms and they fall onto the sidewalk. He dashes over to the said boy, who had his arms extended out to him. He slams into him hard, and wraps his arms around his waist tightly as he cries.

“You’re b-back, Kyuhyun!” He says through broken sobs.

Ryeowook hears Kyuhyun chuckle a little and he soon feels the younger male’s arms embrace him. He buries his face deeper into Kyuhyun’s chest and lets out more sobs. Kyuhyun feels his shirt dampen, but doesn’t really seem to care. But once he knows this boy isn’t going to stop crying any soon, he pulls away just enough to take a look at Ryeowook’s tearstained face. He smiles sweetly at him.

“Why are you crying,” he gently wipes away his hyung’s tears with the pads of his fingers.

Ryeowook can’t stop the happy tears from flowing.

“B-Because you’re f-finally b-back; I’ve w-waited two years a-and you’ve finally c-come back home… I missed you so much.” Ryeowook, the hyung, although smaller, cries.

Kyuhyun grins happily at those words. He pulls Ryeowook back and hugs him again.

“I missed you too, hyung~” Kyuhyun coos. “I’m never going away for that long again. I love you, Ryeowook.”

And Ryeowook stops crying because now he knows this is real. Now he knows that Kyuhyun is really back. And now he knows that their love will glow like never before, and it makes him happy because he won’t have to live with blue tomorrows anymore. Everything will be okay now. Possibly better…

soooo? hehe! i hope you guys liked this! and yay, to the happy ending! and one more thing. my volleyball season is almost over, so i'll be updating "Insomnia" soon! (: And here's the link to a preview of the next chapter!: Preview of Chapter 13.
cute ryeowook

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