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[Fanfic] Insomnia; Chapter 15

Title: Insomnia
Chapter: 15/16
Past Chapters: 01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|12|13|14
Pairings: KyuWook, YeWook, KiSung (later on), etc. (other minor pairings).
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were a happy and lovely couple until Ryeowook fell into a coma. He wakes up and doesn't remember a thing about Super Junior. Yesung has been known to have a crush on Ryeowook. He's overjoyed, yet broken inside to know Ryeowook has no more memories of them. He takes this time to go on ahead and convince Ryeowook that they were lovers. Problems arise in Super Junior thanks to Yesung's doings. Kyuhyun can only do so little to help Ryeowook try and remember, but he knows it's almost impossible. Ryeowook knows Yesung's his "boyfriend", but he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel any love growing towards the man even when he does so much for him. Will he ever regain his memories and realize that Kyuhyun's really his love?
Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm back with another update! The chapter's short, but I hope you guys still like it! And can you believe it?! The next chapter will most likely be the finale! But who knows? I could end up writing it into two parts, lol, but we'll see. And by the way, I have a poll for you guys to take for my next fic, so look for it at the bottom of this chapter! Now go and enjoy~

Ryeowook wakes up and finds that Kyuhyun is gone. He yawns loudly, and stretches his arms out. He checks the time and realizes he’s slept basically the whole day. When he turns to the side to turn off the lamp on the nightstand he catches sight of a note addressed to him. Curious, he grabs the note and reads what it says:

Hey Ryeowook, come meet me up at the roof as soon as you get up.

This makes Ryeowook even more curious and he wonders what the magnae could want with him. He gets out of bed and goes to the washroom.


Yesung sees Ryeowook come out of the bathroom and rushes over to him.

“You’re awake.” Yesung smiles at him.

Ryeowook could only smile back.

“I’ve been asleep all day, sorry. I guess taking care of Kyuhyun worn me out.” Ryeowook apologizes.

“It’s okay,” Yesung shakes his head, “You must be very tired.”

“I’m okay now actually.” Ryeowook grins.

“That’s good.” Yesung replies and pulls Ryeowook into a loving embrace. “Do you want to go out to dinner right now? I want to take you somewhere nice to eat, since today is a day off and I want to do something really romantic for you.”

Ryeowook cuddles more into Yesung’s touch, and sighs from the warmth and comfort.

“Mm, I’d love to, but I can’t right now.” Ryeowook pulls away a little.

“Why not?”

“Kyuhyun wants me to meet him up on the roof.” Ryeowook explains.

Yesung feels like his plans had been crushed, but either way, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he smiles. He smiles for the one and only man he’ll always love deeply inside.

“Sorry, Sungie.” Ryeowook winces.

“No, it’s okay,” he shakes his head, “I understand. We can always go another time.”

And he places a soft kiss on Ryeowook’s forehead before releasing him and urging him to go meet Kyuhyun because… because that’s all he thinks he can do for Ryeowook right now if Kyuhyun’s really leaving.


Kyuhyun’s leaning on the brick fence of the balcony, just staring up into the late evening sky. He’s thinking, wondering, about how long it’s been since he’s been with Super Junior. He’s reminiscing all the times he’s spent with Ryeowook and everything that has happened for the past months. But he jerks out of his memories when he hears the rooftop door creak open. He turns around and finds a smiling Ryeowook standing in the doorway, breathless.

“Ryeowook, you came…” Kyuhyun says in awe.

Ryeowook walks further onto the roof and closes the door behind him.

“Of course, I wasn’t going to leave you up here all evening!” Ryeowook giggles.

Kyuhyun laughs. He brings a hand up and wavers for his hyung to come over to where he was. Ryeowook hurries over and giggles some more. Kyuhyun feels happy because he’s being able to hear his hyung’s laugh once more before he leaves. He’s happy because he gets to see his Wookie smile before his dreadful departure from him.

“The evening sky is beautiful today!” Ryeowook beams as he points towards the direction of the setting sun, illuminating a bright red glow.

Kyuhyun just stares at his hyung, trying to make sure he never forgets this man who he loves so much, but is willing to move forth and forget the memories they share of the past. And soon, a lone tear slips down his cheek. Ryeowook catches it from his side view, and turns to his dongsaeng, panic arising.

“Kyuhyun, are you okay?” Ryeowook asks.

Kyuhyun nods and wipes his tear.

“”The sky is just very g-gorgeous tonight!” Kyuhyun laughs. “So gorgeous it pains me.”

Ryeowook seems uncertain of Kyuhyun’s reply, but smiles nonetheless.

“Very funny, Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook says. “Now, can you tell me why you wanted me up here?”

Kyuhyun nods and stares out to the open.

“I have something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

It takes awhile for Kyuhyun ask his question.

“Hyung… Are… Are you happy?” Kyuhyun finally speaks.

Ryeowook turns his head to look at the magnae, confused with his question. He isn’t sure why Kyuhyun is asking him such a thing. Of course he is happy! He has Yesung and everyone else in the band who loves him so much. …But was he, really?

“Of course!” Ryeowook beams. “Why wouldn’t I be? I have Yesung, you and everyone else who loves me!”

Kyuhyun laughs a bit and feels stupid for even asking him.

“Right, haha.”

His heart feels nothing but pain. Ryeowook probably would never remember him. The one boy, who he loves, is no longer coming back to him. And what difference did it make? He was leaving tomorrow anyways. It’s not like magic can happen and make Ryeowook remember who they really were by tomorrow morning.

“Aiyoo~ it’s getting dark out.” Ryeowook half yawns, half giggles.

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile.

“Kyuhyun do–”

He grabbed the eternal magnae’s hand and tugged him towards him. Ryeowook’s body stiffened at the feel of Kyuhyun’s arms wrapped around his body. He wonders what got into the boy. Why is he acting so strange?

“Uh… K-Kyuhyun-ah…” Ryeowook mutters, trying to push himself away.

Kyuhyun didn’t allow him to, and only tightened his hold. He didn’t want this moment to end yet.

“Don’t, hyung, don’t… just let me hold you please?” He whispers weakly, trying his best to keep his tears in.

That made Ryeowook became more even flustered.


“Shh… don’t say anything.” Kyuhyun begged.

Ryeowook’s eyes softened at his tone.


Ryeowook shut his eyes close, letting him relax in the arms of his unknown lover. Kyuhyun smiles sadly. Just for now, let me pretend we are still together…

dumdumdum!!!! kekeke. is kyuhyun really really gonna leave? i'm sorry, but i can't tell you guys that! xD i would love to, but nah. save it for the next chapter which i will try to hurry up and write soon! but for now, please take some time to vote for the next pairing you would like me to write for my next fic, which will be a fantasy type story! exciting right? i love guys!

Poll #1495112 New Fic Pairing!

KiWook (KibumxRyeowook) or ZhouWook (ZhoumixRyeowook)?

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