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[Fanfic] Insomnia; Chapter 8

Title: Insomnia
Chapter: 08/??
Past Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07
Pairings: KyuWook, YeWook, KiSung (later on), etc. (other minor pairings).
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were a happy and lovely couple until Ryeowook fell into a coma. He wakes up and doesn't remember a thing about Super Junior. Yesung has been known to have a crush on Ryeowook. He's overjoyed, yet broken inside to know Ryeowook has no more memories of them. He takes this time to go on ahead and convince Ryeowook that they were lovers. Problems arise in Super Junior thanks to Yesung's doings. Kyuhyun can only do so little to help Ryeowook try and remember, but he knows it's almost impossible. Ryeowook knows Yesung's his "boyfriend", but he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel any love growing towards the man even when he does so much for him. Will he ever regain his memories and realize that Kyuhyun's really his love?
Author's Note: Oh my god! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating, you guys! I've been very busy with dance practice and traveling! >.< And since I've started volleyball practice this week, I'll be even more busy, so I'm sorry if my updates begin to take longer! T____________T But here's chapter eight! I hope you guys like it! There's more Kibum in here? xD

Ryeowook walked into Yesung and his bedroom, to wake up the older male.

“Sungie, wake up! Yah~ hurry up and get up!” Ryeowook pouted, while slightly tugging on the sleeve of Yesung’s pajama top.

Yesung groaned and turned to his side, bringing his blanket over his head and ducking further under his bed. Ryeowook laughed and jumped onto Yesung playfully. He pulled the blanket away from Yesung’s face and pinched his slightly chubby cheek.


“Kibum, can you go check what’s taking Ryeowook so long just to wake Yesung up? I hope he didn’t go back to sleep.” Hankyung said, chuckling.

“Yes, hyung.” Kibum nodded and walked to Ryeowook and Yesung’s bedroom.


“AHHHHH~” Yesung cried.

Ryeowook giggled and pulled away, still sitting on Yesung’s waist.

“Hyung, it is morning now! You need to wash up and come eat breakfast!” Ryeowook exclaimed.

Yesung groaned once again, trying to turn and lie on his side, but with Ryeowook on top on him it prevented him from doing so. He stretched up his arms out towards his boyfriend.

“Lift me up please?” Yesung yawned, his eyes still slightly closed.

“Oh come on!” Ryeowook whined.

“Do you want me to wake up or no?” Yesung asked.


Kibum was outside of their room. He noticed the door was slightly open, and was about to go in until he heard their voices. He stopped what he was doing, and looked through the opening. He could see Ryeowook on top of Yesung. He wondered what they were doing.


“Fine!” Ryeowook said loudly.

He grabbed Yesung’s wrists and pulled him up forcefully. Surprisingly Yesung was up alright, but right when Ryeowook pulled him up he wrapped his arms around Ryeowook’s body and pulled him close.

“Aiyo, what are you doing now?” Ryeowook frowned.


Kibum felt his heart ache. Yesung just faked everything in order to steal a hug from Ryeowook. He couldn’t believe he stood here watching them just to end up hurt. He was about to turn around and leave until he remembered he was told by Hankyung to tell them breakfast was done and ready. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Here I go.


Ryeowook and Yesung heard the door open and turned their attention towards it. It was Kibum.

“Oh hey, Kibum~” Ryeowook smiled at his dongsaeng.

Kibum managed a shaky smile. “Hey guys.”

“Did Hankyung send you to help me?” Ryeowook said, tipping his head to the side a bit.

“Yea, but,” Kibum glanced at Yesung for a bit before looking at Ryeowook again, “since he’s up now, I guess there’s no need. Hankyung just wants you two to hurry because breakfast is ready now.”

“Okay, tell him we’ll be there in a bit, Kibum.” Yesung replied reluctantly.

Kibum nodded before excusing himself from the room.


Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook sat awkwardly by one another in the recording room. Sungmin stared down at the three with a death glare.

“Okay, so are you two willing to work together to get Ryeowook to remember the notes and lyrics to “It’s You”?” Sungmin asked impatiently. He moved to gaze at Kyuhyun. “Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun looked up at the call of his name. He smiled a bit and nodded. He didn’t want to work with Yesung, but he knew he had no choice. They were KRY anyways and Sungmin was making them work together. He turned to look at Yesung, his eyes shining with question. Yesung caught his look.

The oldest of the four of them sighed. “Of course, why not?”

Sungmin grinned happily and clasped his hands together in relief. He looked at Ryeowook, giving him a warm smile.

“Good! Then let’s get started!” Sungmin beamed.


Na dashi taeyeonandaedo ojik neoppoonirago
(Tic Toc Tic Toc) Shigani heulleodo, oh nan

Sungmin had just finished replaying Ryeowook’s part in the chorus for him to hear once again. Ryeowook was failing at getting the correct vocal notes. They had been at this for almost two hours, and it was pretty much getting frustrating for both Ryeowook and Sungmin. Kyuhyun and Yesung didn’t do much, they pretty much just sat in the recording room, helping tune Ryeowook. Ryeowook has sung this song over so many times, he’s already naturally memorized the lyrics.

Sungmin rubbed his temple. “Let’s try this again, Ryeowook.” Sungmin sighed, as his voice echoed through the speakers into the recording room.

Ryeowook frowned and turned to look at Yesung, tiredness evident on his face. Yesung smiled at his boyfriend, trying to encourage him to continue. Ryeowook smiled back a little before he turned back to the mic in front of him.

“Alright, Ryeowook. 1 2 3, go.” Sungmin did a count down, before he pressed the recording button.

Ryeowook took a deep breath before beginning. “Na dashi taeyeonandaedo ojik neoppoonirago~… Shigani heulleodo~ Oh nan!” Ryeowook sang gracefully.

Sungmin pressed the recording button to stop the recording and listened to Ryeowook’s singing again. He slowly smiled, but as soon as it came, it turned to a frown. Sungmin groaned. The magnae sang the first part perfectly, but he went off tune towards the end. He shook his head.

“No, no, no! Ryeowook, you almost had it, but you went off tune at the end!” Sungmin spoke, showing he was irritated.

Ryeowook was close to tears now. Was it not enough? He had been singing for hours now and he was tired. He felt like his cords were going to break. He wanted to leave. He wanted to go home. He wished he had never lost his memory because maybe he wouldn’t have to be going through this. But he couldn’t do anything about it, he knew. He’d just have to take it.

Yesung frowned when he noticed his boyfriend sulking. He got up and went to hug Ryeowook. Ryeowook gripped his shirt tightly and let out a shaky sigh. His eyes were closed tightly, and Yesung kissed his crown gently.

“It’s okay, Wook. You’re almost there, just hang in.” Yesung assured in a soft spoken voice. “You’re doing good.”

Neither noticed how Kyuhyun looked away from them. His heart pounded painfully against his chest. He wanted to pull Yesung away from Ryeowook. He wanted to be the one comforting him. Why did it have to hurt so much? Kyuhyun looked up at Sungmin with pleading eyes for him to not yell at Ryeowook. Sungmin felt guilty when he saw how Kyuhyun looked and nodded.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you, Ryeowook.” Sungmin apologized with heart. “Let’s continue, please?”

Ryeowook pulled away and shook his head ‘okay’. Yesung moved to sit back in his seat. Kyuhyun got up and walked to stand beside Ryeowook. I can do this. I can show Yesung I’m not a weakling. Ryeowook looked at him, slightly surprised. Yesung frowned.

“Don’t stress yourself. You’re right on, Ryeowook, just a tad off. You can do it. I know it. It’s not something you can’t do.” Kyuhyun encouraged. “You just need to really put your heart to it and listen.”

Ryeowook felt his heart jump at Kyuhyun’s words. He didn’t know why it jumped at such a weird moment, but it did. He felt himself losing focus, but then shook his head and reminded himself about his singing. Kyuhyun stood next to him and nodded at Sungmin to replay Ryeowook’s part in the song. Yesung stared at Kyuhyun’s back, feeling a bit mad.

Na dashi taeyeonandaedo ojik neoppoonirago
(Tic Toc Tic Toc) Shigani heulleodo, oh nan

Ryeowook listened this time. He really did and before he knew it, he had the notes in his brain.

“Na dashi taeyeonandaedo ojik neoppoonirago~… Shigani heulleodo~ Oh nan!” Ryeowook sang once again, but utterly perfect this round.

Sungmin’s smile was gigantic. Kyuhyun’s smile was soft and inside, he was proud. He had helped Ryeowook get the notes right. Ryeowook turned around to smile happily at Yesung. Yesung forced on a smile. I should be happy he got the notes, right? But why did it have to be Kyuhyun who helped him?! Yesung got up and went to envelop Ryeowook in a tight hug.

“You got it! Congratulation!” Yesung said his eyes shining with happiness now.

“That was awesome, Ryeowook!” Sungmin spoke through the mic.

“I can’t believe I did it!” Ryeowook exclaimed in disbelief, while laughing as Yesung let him go.

“But you did!” Sungmin grinned goofily.

Kyuhyun placed a hand on Ryeowook’s shoulder. “See? It wasn’t that hard, now was it?” Kyuhyun chuckled.

Ryeowook jumped onto Kyuhyun without realizing it, and hugged him. Sungmin felt his breath hitch at that. Kyuhyun’s body became stiff. Ryeowook was… hugging him? Ryeowook was actually hugging him! His heart began to beat rapidly. He missed this.

“Thanks, Hyunnie! Thanks so much! You really helped me!” Ryeowook beamed.

Yesung felt sadness envelop him. Ryeowook thanked Kyuhyun for helping him, but he didn’t thank him. Did he not help Ryeowook at all? He did give Ryeowook encouragement after all, didn’t he?

Just when Kyuhyun was about to wrap his arms around Ryeowook, he pulled away and blushed embarrassingly. Now he avoided eye contact.

“Sorry, I got carried away…” Ryeowook whispered.

Kyuhyun forced out a laugh. “Haha! It’s okay, Ryeowook! It’s nice receiving a hug from you once in awhile.”


Sungmin coughed. “Anyways, I think we’ll go a few more rounds to make sure you’ve really got it before ending!”

The other three nodded and calmed their nerves down.


“Do it right this time, Kibum!” the director screamed angrily.

“Yes sir!” Kibum replied.

He felt horrible. All day he had been messing up on set. He was constantly forgetting his lines and would just suddenly stop in mid sentence during his parts. It drove the recording crew crazy. The reason? He kept thinking about Yesung. How Yesung held Ryeowook and how they looked so in love. He couldn’t take that memory out of his head. He hated it. Ryeowook wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Yesung! Ryeowook was supposed to be with Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun only! It really bothered him. I need to help Ryewook remember!

“1 2 3, action!” yelled the director.

Kibum refocused himself.


It was another night. Ryeowook couldn’t sleep again. He sighed and got up from his bed. He checked the time; 2:00am. He sighed and dropped back down to lie on his bed, bringing his blanket over his head. Déjà vu, he thought. He turned on his side and looked over at Yesung. He was asleep as usual. He didn’t understand it. Why he couldn’t sleep, he wasn’t sure. His bed was extremely comfortable, but he just couldn’t fall asleep for some apparent reason. Not wanting to try to fall asleep, he got up and headed out of his room.


He was surprised to see Kyuhyun still up watching a drama being replayed on the tv. Kyuhyun watched him walk in front of him and sit down next to him on the couch.

“Kyuhyun, you’re awake still.” Ryeowook said. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“Yea, but Sungmin snores. Well only sometimes, but those sometimes are loud.” Kyuhyun laughed.

Ryeowook laughed along. “Wow, I have to make sure I never share a room with him then.” Ryeowook joked.

“I still remember when you and I used to share a room together. We used to have lots of fun together.” Kyuhyun said with a sad smile.

Ryeowook looked at Kyuhyun surprised. “We did?”

“Mm! We used play games in our room till the next morning before going to bed, sometimes getting caught by Eeteuk. Haha.” Kyuhyun said while he reminiscence. “Ah, such good times.”

Ryeowook stared at Kyuhyun. Even though he was smiling, he looked sad. Why does he smile when really his eyes show that he’s sad?

aww~ wasn't that kyuwook hug cute? hehe~ i get giggles when i think about it. xDD anyways, some slow progress in wook, yes? i'll try to update soon, my dear readers!<3
Tags: angst, chaptered, fanfic, insomnia, kibum, kisung, kyuhyun, kyuwook, romance, ryeowook, yesung, yewook

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