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[Fanfic] Insomnia; Chapter 7

Title: Insomnia
Chapter: 07/??
Past Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06
Pairings: KyuWook, YeWook, KiSung (later on), etc. (other minor pairings).
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were a happy and lovely couple until Ryeowook fell into a coma. He wakes up and doesn't remember a thing about Super Junior. Yesung has been known to have a crush on Ryeowook. He's overjoyed, yet broken inside to know Ryeowook has no more memories of them. He takes this time to go on ahead and convince Ryeowook that they were lovers. Problems arise in Super Junior thanks to Yesung's doings. Kyuhyun can only do so little to help Ryeowook try and remember, but he knows it's almost impossible. Ryeowook knows Yesung's his "boyfriend", but he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel any love growing towards the man even when he does so much for him. Will he ever regain his memories and realize that Kyuhyun's really his love?
Author's Note: Here's chapter seven everyone! Be happy, cause there's not much angst in this one! You get to enjoy Super Junior love! 8D

Ryeowook had been in the hospital for about a week, and Dr. Han has decided that Ryeowook was well enough to head home. Everyone was thrilled knowing Ryeowook was coming back to the dorm.

Eeteuk knocked on Kyuhyun’s door, but when there was no reply, he decided to turn the doorknob and go in himself. He just wanted to tell Kyuhyun the news and discuss some things with him. When he closed the door behind him, he noticed Kyuhyun had moved from lying in his bed to lying on Ryeowook’s. He sighed and went to sit beside Kyuhyun.

“Hi hyung…” he muttered.

“Kyuhyun-ah, are you feeling okay?” Eeteuk’s eyebrows furrowed due to his concern. He brought a hand up to feel the magnae’s forehead, in check of the temperature. “Your temperature isn’t high, so I guess you’re doing alright, yes?”

Kyuhyun nodded, but his eyes showed tiredness. “Hyung… can you leave me alone?”

“I will after I talk to you, alright?” The leader replied calmly. Kyuhyun nodded again. “Ryeowook’s coming home tomorrow, are you sure you’ll be able to handle everything if he still sleeps here? If not, Sungmin can move in with you and Ryeowook can room with Yesung?” Eeteuk questioned.

Kyuhyun’s eyes widened and he turned to look at his hyung. He wasn’t sure if he had heard right. Ryeowook is coming home? He wasn’t sure how he’d take it with his boyfriend, who doesn’t even remember him. And he shook his head frantically. He was positive it’d hurt too much to be with Ryeowook, if he was with Yesung now.

“Hyung, please, please, I know I shouldn’t be acting like this if I want Ryeowook to remember, but I don’t think I can stand being in here with Ryeowook. I know I’m supposed to help him regain the memories and everything, but I… I need time to register everything. If he’s with Yesung, it’d give me space to think.” Kyuhyun admitted, while he begged his hyung.

Eeteuk understood what Kyuhyun was saying and nodded. “Okay, okay. Then we’ll move out his things tonight, alright?” He said.

Kyuhyun nodded. “Thank you, hyung…”

The leader shook his head. “You don’t need to thank me, Kyuhyun. This is what I’m here for as a hyung and as a leader of Super Junior.” Eeteuk smiled. “You need to get some more rest. You need to look good for him tomorrow because we told him you caught a cold.” He laughed.

Kyuhyun smiled. “He asked about me…?” His eyes shined with hope.

“Mm,” Eeteuk nodded. “He noticed you and Kibum were missing, so we told him you had a cold and that Kibum had a busy schedule.”

Kyuhyun finally laughed. “Wow, you guys are great.”

“Yes, we’re awesome.” The older male agreed. “Now get some sleep, will ya? We’ll try our best not to wake you up while moving Ryeowook’s things.”

“Okay… night Eeteuk hyung.” Kyuhyun smiled.

“Good night, Kyuhyun.” Eeteuk replied quietly, before bending down to place a small kiss on the magnae’s forehead and heading out to get the other members.


After everyone who was in the dorm, aside from Kyuhyun, helped finish moving Ryeowook and Sungmin’s things, they all gathered in the living room to talk. Hankyung and Siwon had Heechul sitting between the both of them on the couch. Eunhyuk had Donghae in his lap on the ground. Eeteuk and Kangin sat next to one another on cushions, hand in hand. Sungmin and Shindong sat on either arms of the couch. Kibum sat on a cushion as well. Kangin cleared his throat, and when he and Eeteuk had everyone’s attention they decided to speak.

“Ryeowook’s coming home tomorrow,” Eeteuk began. “Yesung too, will be back in the dorm with us.”

“Crap, I forgot all about that cheater.” Heechul barfed.

Siwon and Hankyung elbowed him from both sides, making him yelp.

“As I was saying, he will be back in the dorm along with Ryeowook. We all know Kyuhyun has decided he does not want to room with Ryeowook for the moment, that’s why we switched him into Yesung’s bedroom and Sungmin to his.”

“Oh the joy of it all!” Sungmin said with much sarcasm.

“Since many of us are upset with Yesung we’ll have to try our best and act normal around him, especially when he and Ryeowook are together. We can’t ignore Yesung or mention anything about him and how he lied to Ryeowook. Doing so would only make things worsen.” Eeteuk informed. “Does everyone understand?”

They all nodded their heads, but Heechul being the thick head only scoffed. But even so, they knew he understood what was to be done.

“Eunhyuk and Shindong, you guys are to be in charge of helping Ryeowook learn all the dance steps and routines of our songs.” The leader said, looking at the pair.

They nodded in understanding.

“Sungmin, you, Kyuhyun, and Yesung will be in charge of helping him learn our songs.” He assigned.

Sungmin frowned, knowing Kyuhyun and Yesung would have to cope with one another. But either way, he replied with a quiet ‘okay’.

“Hankyung, Siwon, and Donghae you three will help re-teach Chinese to him, so good luck with that.”

The three men nodded in agreement.

“As for me and the rest, we will try and help Ryeowook with the rest of his memory. You guys will help also. By helping him relearn all these things, it may help trigger some of his memories of us. So let’s all give it our best shot and make sure he remembers!” Eeteuk cheered.

“But… but what if we don’t succeed? What if he never remembers?” Donghae asked, tears forming in his eyes.

Eunhyuk pulled Donghae close to his chest. Eeteuk frowned at Donghae’s question. He went over to the young pair and pat Donghae on the head.

“It’ll be alright, Hae. Ryeowook will remember, don’t worry. We don’t want to jinx it, do we now?” Eeteuk managed to flash an encouraging smile at the young boy.

Donghae nodded, and his boyfriend wiped away his tears.


“Welcome home!” The members yelled as Yesung and Ryeowook came in through the doors.

Startled, Ryeowook couldn’t help but let out a small gasp. There was a big “Welcome Back!” banner which was hung in the doorway to the kitchen, and balloons were scattered everywhere in the dorm. They popped party poppers, many of the confetti falling onto Ryeowook. He smiled as a sea of joy overcame him. Each of the members walked up to their “coming home” member, and gave him a warm hug. Although when it was Kyuhyun’s turn, things seemed a bit awkward.

When they pulled away, Ryeowook asked, “I heard you caught cold, are you all better now?”

“Huh? O-Oh… yea, thanks for asking.” Kyuhyun stuttered, forcing on a smile.

It was Shindong’s turn.

“We’re so glad to have you back!” Shindong exclaimed happily, before squishing the skinny boy.

“I’m glad to be back?” Ryeowook replied with a big grin. “Okay, okay~ you’re hugging me a bit too tight!”

Shindong immediately let go. “Hehe, sorry buddy!”

Ryeowook shook his head. Now all the members had gotten their hug with the eternal magnae.

“Okay! Let’s show him his room everyone!” Kangin yelled.

“YEAH!” the rest screamed enthusiastically.

“Heechul, lead the way~” Eeteuk smiled.

“Okay! Follow me! Follow me!” Heechul squealed in delight, with his broken English.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin stayed behind while the rest followed Heechul. Kyuhyun went to take a seat in the kitchen, and Sungmin followed.

“You’re doing good Kyuhyun. Keep going, you can do it.” Sungmin encouraged his fellow band mate.

“It’s too much, hyung. Did you see how he held Yesung’s hand? It used to be like that with me. It’s too much…” Kyuhyun whimpered.

Sungmin reached out for Kyuhyun’s hand and held it. “I know it is, but you have to try. Remember this is for Ryeowook. You have to be happy he’s back home, okay?”

“O-Okay…” Kyuhyun nodded.

“Here,” Sungmin extended a hand out to Kyuhyun. “Take my hand. Let’s go celebrate his return with the rest.”

Kyuhyun gladly took it.


“You’ll never get back at Heechul hyung! He’s just too thickheaded to let you win!” Donghae pouted.

Everyone laughed at Donghae’s outburst. They were all playing a card game, and so far the SiHanChul group was winning.

“Ah!” Ryeowook yelped painfully.

Almost everyone turned to look at the eternal magnae.

“Are you okay?” Yesung asked, worried. He saw the blood that began to drip off of Ryeowook’s finger. “You got a paper cut. Hold on, let me go get you a band aid.”

But before Yesung could even get up, Kyuhyun got up and ran off to the bathroom. Yesung frowned when the magnae came back shortly after, with a band aid and some disinfectant. Ryeowook stared at Kyuhyun in slight astonishment. Everyone in the room was quiet, as they watched the scene in front of them. Kyuhyun aiding Ryeowook’s cut with so much care as if he’d break.

“It’s a deep cut. You should be more careful, Wook.” Kyuhyun said softly when he’d finish putting on the band aid.

“…Wait, did you just call me…” Ryeowook stared at Kyuhyun.

“Oh, no… I’m sorry, I think you misheard me. I didn’t. I called you Ryeowook.” Kyuhyun lied quickly in order to cover himself up.

“Oh… Sorry.” Ryeowook apologized.

Kyuhyun smiled and pat the eternal magnae on his head. “It’s okay.”


It was midnight and everyone was exhausted. Eeteuk called it quits and told everyone to go to their rooms to rest for the night. A few of them groaned, but got up to leave anyways.

“I had fun today,” Ryeowook grinned, as he lay on his bed, yawning shortly afterwards.

“I’m glad you did.” Yesung chuckled.

“Are they always like this?” Ryeowook shifted so he could face his boyfriend.

“I guess you can say that.” The older male laughed.

“I see.”


That night, Ryeowook found it hard to sleep in his bed. He changed his positions constantly, but his body just wouldn’t relax. He was so tired, but his body forbid him from sleeping. Annoyed he sat up and looked over at Yesung.

“Hyung?” Ryeowook called out. There was no reply. “Hyung, are you asleep?”

He sighed when Yesung didn’t answer him. He checked the time, 3:00am. Of course he’d be asleep now. Ryeowook got up and walked over to the other bed. He lifted up the blanket and slipped under it, cuddling himself next to Yesung. The warmth made him yawn tiredly.

Yesung felt the bed shift and another body press against his. Alarmed, he turned around to see Ryeowook next to him. He lifted himself up a bit.

“Wook?” Yesung mumbled.

“Sorry, I can’t sleep…” Ryeowook whispered. “But I should be able to now.”

Yesung wrapped his arms around the young one and kissed his forehead. “It’s okay. Now let’s get some sleep, hmm?”

Ryeowook nodded. When he heard Yesung’s breathing slowed, he guessed the older male must’ve fallen back asleep. He soon felt his own eyes begin to close, and soon he too fell asleep. After seeming to have been sleeping for a long time, Ryeowook opened his eyes only to meet darkness still. He turned to look at Yesung’s clock. He sighed when he saw the time. I’ve only been asleep for half an hour. Why is it that I can’t sleep? Maybe I should contact Dr. Han? No, it’s best not to. I don’t want to worry them.

Ryeowook carefully removed his boyfriend’s arms from around him, and got out of bed.


He walked into the kitchen to get a cup of water.

“Can’t sleep?”

Ryeowook jumped at the voice. He turned around and almost died when he saw Kyuhyun leaning on the doorframe.

“You scared me, Kyuhyun…” Ryeowook breathed, his voice trembling slightly.

Kyuhyun smiled and walked into the room. He went straight to the fridge and took out one of the juice boxes. How kiddy of me, haha. He grabbed another one, and threw it at Ryeowook, almost making his hyung to drop the glass of water held in his other hand.

“You should drink a juice box instead. You once told me juice boxes were more refreshing in the middle of the night, rather than water.” Kyuhyun chuckled.

Ryeowook looked at him amused. Did I really say that to him before? He placed the now empty glass cup into the sink and gladly opened up the juice box, for a drink.

“Thanks, dongsaeng~” Ryeowook said in a sing song voice.

He took a sip and realized that juice boxes are really more refreshing than just water. He breathed out a satisfied sigh.

“You’re right, Hyunnie, it really is better than water!” Ryeowook beamed, even in his tired state.

“Told you, hyung. But I can’t take credit beca–” Kyuhyun stopped suddenly, not finishing his sentence. He became quiet.

Ryeowook was confused as to why Kyuhyun stopped talking. “Kyuhyun?”

“You… you just called me “Hyunnie”! Hyung! You called me the nickname you gave me almost two years ago!” Kyuhyun exclaimed with happiness.

Ryeowook’s eyes shined with astonishment. “I did?” His voice unsure.

“Y-Yes!” Kyuhyun nodded. “Oh my god!” He pulled Ryeowook into a tight embrace, taking the boy by surprise.

Neither noticed in the doorway stood Yesung. His hands were fisted by his sides, and anger was visible in his eyes.

Flashback from two years ago.

Kyuhyun walked into his and Ryeowook’s bedroom, only to find the eternal magnae just sitting on his bed, staring at his lap. He settled down next to his lover on the small twin sized bed.

“Ryeowookie, what are you thinking about?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Hyunnie! That’s your new name!” Ryeowook beamed suddenly as his head lifted up so he could look at Kyuhyun. He jumped onto Kyuhyun, startling the younger one as he tackled him down onto his pillow. “Now tell me, do you like your new name Hyunnie?~” He giggled.

“Woah~ hyung, you’re heavy!” Kyuhyun said jokingly, only to be smacked on the shoulder.

“Yah! I’m not heavy! The heavy one would be you!” Ryeowook pouted cutely. “And you didn’t answer my question!”

Kyuhyun laughed and pulled Ryeowook’s head down, so their lips could meet for a sweet deep kiss. Kyuhyun pulled away a few seconds later, breathless like Ryeowook.

“No, I don’t think I like it very much…” Kyuhyun smirked.

Ryeowook glared at Kyuhyun. He pushed Kyuhyun all the way down, and got off of him. He stormed out of the room, and Kyuhyun pouted sadly.

“I’m kidding, Wookie~ I really do like it!” He yelled after Ryeowook in panic.

End of flashback.

yay! aren't you guys happy that wook's home now?! and omgee! ryeowook called kyuhyun the name he gave him when they got together back then! isn't that awesome? i hope you guys liked the flashback part because I enjoyed writing it! 8D i'll update soon, my fellow readers<3
Tags: angst, chaptered, fanfic, insomnia, kibum, kisung, kyuhyun, kyuwook, romance, ryeowook, yesung, yewook

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