December 24th, 2009

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[Fanfic] Insomnia; Chapter 16

Title: Insomnia
Chapter: 16/16
Past Chapters: 01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|12|13|14|15
Pairings: KyuWook, YeWook, KiSung (later on), etc. (other minor pairings).
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were a happy and lovely couple until Ryeowook fell into a coma. He wakes up and doesn't remember a thing about Super Junior. Yesung has been known to have a crush on Ryeowook. He's overjoyed, yet broken inside to know Ryeowook has no more memories of them. He takes this time to go on ahead and convince Ryeowook that they were lovers. Problems arise in Super Junior thanks to Yesung's doings. Kyuhyun can only do so little to help Ryeowook try and remember, but he knows it's almost impossible. Ryeowook knows Yesung's his "boyfriend", but he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel any love growing towards the man even when he does so much for him. Will he ever regain his memories and realize that Kyuhyun's really his love?
Author's Note: Okay guys! This is it! This is the end! The last chapter! I'm so happy I got it typed up before Christmas! This is my present to you all! Merry Christmas~~~ But anyways~ Yes, I'm serious this is the end of the series, unless I get enough people wanting an epilogue, which I probably will write! So this may not be the total end, but it is the main ending. Okay, I wish you guys the best holidays. Now go read! (:

That night Ryeowook found it hard to sleep. He tossed and turned but couldn’t find a comfortable position. Why can’t I ever fall asleep in this room, on this bed?! Why is it so easy to fall asleep in Kyuhyun’s room though? After an hour of just effortless tosses and turns he finally gets out of bed. He walks over to Yesung and slips in under the blanket, right next to his boyfriend. Yesung wakes up from the sudden dip in his bed. He groans and turns around, and finds Ryeowook lying beside him.

“Ryeowook…?” He calls out.

Ryeowook wraps his arms around Yesung’s waist and cuddles into him, just answering with a small “hmm”.

“You okay?” Yesung asks worriedly.

“Just finding it hard to fall asleep,” he mumbles tiredly.

Yesung stares down at his boyfriend awhile longer before he wraps his warm arms tightly around Ryeowook.



Ryeowook nods. Yesung smiles and just continues to hold Ryeowook. Before long the two of them were in their dreamlands.


Morning comes and everyone, but Ryeowook wakes up early to say their farewells to Kyuhyun before he officially goes on leave.


Kyuhyun rushes to finish the last of his packing.

“Kyuhyun, you’re really serious about this aren’t you?”

Kyuhyun turns around and isn’t surprised to see Kibum standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. He doesn’t care to answer his hyung though.

“I won’t stop you even if I want to, you know.” Kibum says. “I just wish you didn’t decide to take this route.”

Kyuhyun keeps his focus on packing.

“But since you are going to the U.S., tell my parents I said ‘hello’.”

Kibum turns to leave the room.

“Wait…” Kyuhyun stops him.

The older of the two turns his head around to look at the magnae.

“Kibum even after I leave… promise me you’ll take care of Ryeowook. Promise me you’ll make sure Yesung takes good care of Ryeowook. Promise me no matter what you won’t try anything foolish to break them apart.”

Kibum stares at his dongsaeng for awhile before he nods.

“I… I promise.” Kibum swears.

And Kyuhyun sighs.

“Thank you, Kibum hyung.”

Kibum smiles and stalks off.


Kyuhyun quietly goes into Yesung and Ryeowook’s room. He places an envelope onto the nightstand beside Ryeowook. Kyuhyun stares down at his beloved and fights hard not to cry. He bends down slowly and stares at the peaceful looking boy. The magnae smiles sadly at him, even though his hyung can’t see it. He brings a hand up to caress Ryeowook’s defined cheek.

“Hyung… Wookie… I’m leaving now. Take good care of yourself while I’m away. Farewell, my love.” Kyuhyun whispers sadly.


Kyuhyun is now standing in front of 11 of the other 12 members of Super Junior in the lobby of their dormitory building.

“Well,” he breathes, “I will be off now you guys,” he smiles.

“…You’re really going?” Donghae asks.

Kyuhyun nods.

“I wasn’t expecting you to really go… but I guess you really are now.” Hankyung adds.

Kyuhyun pats his hyung on the shoulder and smiles.

“Don’t worry too much, hyung. I’ll be fine. The only worry is that I’ll miss your Beijing Fried Rice.” And Ryeowook’s dishes, and Eeteuk hyung’s ramen noodles.

Hankyung and a couple others laugh.

“Are you sure you’re really up to this?” Eeteuk asks for reassurance.

Kyuhyun doesn’t waste time to answer.

“Yes, leader-sshi. I am sure this is the right thing to do.” Kyuhyun grins.

Eeteuk can only smile back sadly.

“Kyuhyun, it’s time to head to the airport,” their manager informs.

“Yes, Manager Kim!” Kyuhyun says delighted.

He turns to look at his fellow band members and sighs.

“I’ll miss you guys.” Kyuhyun pouts.

And soon everyone is coming up giving him hugs.

“Bring me back a lot of souvenirs!” Shindong says with much seriousness.

“Hey, you better bring back a picture of the Pussy Cat Dolls with their signatures!” Eunhyuk says, showing his gummy smile, only to get hit on the head by a jealous Donghae.

“Kyuhyun-ah, take lots and lots of pictures for me!” Donghae beams through teary eyes.

“I’ll miss you, Kyuhyun~” Sungmin smiles.

“Once you come back, I want to know how their Chinese Fried Rice tastes like over there!” Hankyung exclaims.

“Yah Kyuhyun! You better go to church on Sundays over there!” Siwon warns.

“If you’re having a hard time understanding English, give me a call.” Kibum laughs.

“You better not catch yourself a man that is prettier than I, Kyuhyun! I’m still mad at you!” Heechul puffs.

Kyuhyun laughs.

“Take care, man.” Kangin grins.

“Have a safe flight and take care of yourself alright? If you’re feeling lonely, don’t hesitate to call us.” Eeteuk says way too motherly for his nature.

They’re all so nice to me still. Even after they know I’m leaving, they still care.

“Alright, alright! I’ll try to remember all of these things!” Kyuhyun giggles. “I’ll call you guys later if I forget some of your requests!”

“You better!” A couple of them yelled.

“Bye you guys.” Kyuhyun smiles and tries his best not to lose ground now.

“Bye, buddy!” They all reply.

As Kyuhyun turns to leave though, he spots Yesung standing not far from them. I should say bye to him.. He walks over to Yesung and smiles before giving his member a hug.

“Take care of Ryeowook for me, hyung. Don’t let him know I’m gone until my flight leaves.” Kyuhyun says.

Yesung wants to say something back, but before he even can Kyuhyun has already moved away and headed towards the exit.


Once Kyuhyun is outside, he stops to turn around and look at their dormitory once more. He sighs sadly, but still keeps a smile on his face. Bye you guys… Good bye Ryeowook… And he gets into the taxi heading to the airport.


When Ryeowook wakes up, everyone is already back doing their own things. He’s surprised to see Yesung has woken up before him. He heads to the bathroom to clean up before going into the other room dressed. He notices that Kyuhyun isn’t there with everyone else, but doesn’t take much thought to it. Maybe he’s still asleep. He takes a seat beside Yesung on the couch and snuggles up warmly beside him as they watch Eunhyuk and Donghae battle.

“You’re finally awake.” Yesung smiles as he brushes a few strands of hair away from Ryeowook’s face.

“Why is everyone up so early today?” Ryeowook asks.

“Oh it’s nothing,” Yesung lies, “Probably just one of those days everyone wakes up early coincidently.”

“Oh…” Ryeowook ends up with a cute pout on his face.

Yesung chuckles and pokes Ryeowook on the cheek playfully. He flinches from the touch and glares at Yesung.

“Where’s Kyuhyun anyway?” Ryeowook finally asks.

Yesung’s mood seems to go down and his smile disappears. And those who heard froze. How were they supposed to tell him Kyuhyun left this morning? They can’t say “Oh you didn’t know? He left this morning to go to America.”

“What? Did I say something wrong?”

Eeteuk quickly comes into the room from the kitchen and bends down in front of Ryeowook. Yesung keeps his eyes shut, not wanting to see how Ryeowook will react.

“Ryeowook, please don’t think much about this after I tell you okay?” Eeteuk says slowly.

Ryeowook looks at everyone around the room, his eyes filled with confusion, before trailing back to their leader.

“Kyuhyun… he left. He’s decided to go on temporary leave in America, but everything’s going to be alright. He’s only going for five months. Kyuhyun will be back very soon.” Eeteuk explains.

And Ryeowook doesn’t know what to even say. How come no one told me about this? How come he didn’t tell me he was leaving? He didn’t understand why his heart seems to be hurting right now after receiving the news.


“Ryeowook, Kyuhyun left this morning. He didn’t want you to know, so he didn’t tell you.”

“Why not? Does he hate me?”

Eeteuk shook his head ‘no’ and tried his best not to cry because this was painful.

“Oh no, no he doesn’t hate you at all. He actually likes you a lot, you’re his best friend, remember?” Eeteuk says forcing himself to smile.

“If I was, he would’ve told me! He wouldn’t have left without telling me,” he screamed, “I… I didn’t even get to tell him ‘good bye’.”

Ryeowook wasn’t even sure why he was yelling now.

Yesung gripped Ryeowook tighter, but Ryeowook pushed his arms away.

“Ryeowook…” Eeteuk mumbles the eternal magnae’s name.

“I… I want to be alone right now.”

And so Ryeowook gets up and speed walks to his and Yesung’s bedroom trying to keep his tears in.


He seats himself down on Yesung’s bed and curls into a tight ball.

“…Why? Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?” He whimpers sadly to no one.

He turns his head to the side and spots an envelope on Yesung’s nightstand. It had ‘To: Ryeowook’ written on the front. He wipes his unshed tears away and reaches for the envelope. He opens it and reads the letter inside.

Hey Wookie hyung! You must be wondering who this letter is from right? Well it’s me, Kyuhyun! I’m sorry for not telling you I was leaving today. I found it too painful to tell you.

Ryeowook could spot tear stains on the letter, the ink smeared on some parts.

I don’t think you’ll ever remember what we used to have back then, but it’s alright. I waited three months for you, but it seems like Yesung has been doing well giving you all the love you need. I still remember the time when you and I first encountered each other; the day I had been put into Super Junior as the youngest and thirteenth member. Our friendship grew and grew until we were glued to each other like twins. I remember when I first realized I fell in love with you. It was the night we had won our first award during the U promotions. Haha, I don’t even know why I’m telling you this stuff, it’s not like you’ll remember anyways. I don’t think you even knew about me liking you. Did you? But you have Yesung now, hyung. You are happy. That’s all I could ever ask for. I’ll be back in five months Wookie! Until then take care of yourself for me. When I come back and find out Yesung’s been treating you unfairly I’ll kill him for you. Bye, hyung, my first true love.

P.S. by the time you’ve finished reading this, I would have already gone off to my destination.

Cho Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook was confused. First love? What? And soon memories flew back into his mind. The day Kyuhyun had asked him to be his boyfriend, their first date, their first kiss, their first I love you’s, and so much more. His head hurt painfully. Everything came back to him at once. He couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to. He moved off the bed to sit on the ground, trying to stop his memories from coming.

Yesung comes into the room and sees Ryeowook on the floor crying and runs over to him.

“Ryeowook!” He panics. “Are you alright?! What’s wrong?!”

He’s surprised when Ryeowook pushes him away roughly.

“Don’t touch me! Get away from me,” the young boy cries. “…Kyuhyun.”

Yesung’s eyes enlarge and he can only stare at Ryeowook. He looks up at Yesung with teary eyes.

“You lied to me! Yesung you lied! You told me you were my boyfriend! Why’d you have to lie?! Why did you make me leave Kyuhyun?!” Ryeowook screamed painfully.

Yesung can’t answer him at the moment.

“I’m going to find him,” Ryeowook whimpers, “I’m going to go find Kyuhyun!”

The magnae gets up and heads towards the door, but Yesung grabs his hand.

“Don’t go… please don’t go.” Yesung plead.

Ryeowook whimpers and shakes his hand away from Yesung’s grip.

“I hate you…”

Those were his last words before he left.


Kibum was about to come in to check on Ryeowook, until the boy came out running pass him.

“Yah, Ryeowook!” Kibum yells after the running boy.

He was ready to go after Ryeowook, until he notices Yesung on the ground crying.

“…Yesung?” Kibum calls unsure of what just happened.

“He hates me now.” Yesung mumbles.

And Kibum kneels down and holds him in his arms as he cries.


Ryeowook runs into the airport quickly, almost tripping on his own feet due to his intense speed. He’s having a hard time breathing, but he couldn’t care less right now. He looks around desperately to see if he can spot any familiar faces or body figures. He spots a man, and his only thought he has is: Kyuhyun! He runs over to the man he believes to be Kyuhyun. He reaches out for the man’s arm and turns him around.

“Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook breathes.

The man turns around, but the face is not Kyuhyun. This man is not his Kyuhyun.

“Who are you?” The man asks, eyeing Ryeowook as if he was out of his mind.

Ryeowook lets go of the man’s arm and bows frantically.

“I’m s-sorry.” He stutters a quick apology before running off to continue his search.


Kyuhyun’s standing in the long line of people, waiting to get his plane ticket check so he could head on to his plane ride. He checks his hand watch and notice it was only five more minutes before his plane is set to leave and he will be off to the other side of the world. He will be away from his family, his band members, and… Ryeowook. But it is better this way, right? It will help him get rid of all the pain, and who knows, he may find a new love possibly.

“Next person!” one of the workers yells.

Kyuhyun looks up from his watch and walks forward. It was soon to be his turn.


Ryeowook runs to one of the help centers and ask where the entrance to Kyuhyun’s flight is. They give him directions, and without any thanks he dashes off in the direction in which they pointed. He prays that Kyuhyun is not on the flight yet. He hopes that Kyuhyun was still waiting in line. He wishes that all of this was a dream.

“Kyuhyun… please wait for me. Please don’t leave me.” Ryeowook whispers to himself as he runs.

He reaches the gate they had told him is the entrance and Ryeowook begins searching frantically for Kyuhyun. There were still many people, so it made it hard to see. When he can’t identify the magnae, tears begin to form and his heart begins to pound painfully. Is he too late? Did he come too late? He shakes his head, not believing he lost his chance. No… no! He can’t be gone! He has to still be here!

He looks more carefully this time. His eyes travel from one person to the next, until it reaches the person first in line, whom is getting their ticket and passport checked out. His body becomes rigid.


“Next person, please come forward!”

Kyuhyun hands his passport and ticket to the ticket man. He waits patiently as they go through his passport and check his identity. He feels nervous suddenly. Am I doing the right thing? Is leaving the correct thing to do?

“You’re good to go.” The man nods and hand Kyuhyun’s things back to him.

“Thanks,” Kyuhyun bows politely before making his way pass the metal gates, and pulling his suitcase along with him.


Ryeowook feels like his throat is dry and he cannot speak. Kyuhyun is only a few meters away from him. He needs to speak or else Kyuhyun will be gone in only a matter of a few more seconds. If the man who he loves disappears now, he may never come back. Ryeowook looks up and notices Kyuhyun is heading towards the glass doors. He panics.

“Kyuhyun!” He calls out as loud as he can, but not enough to catch attention.

But when he calls for the other male, Kyuhyun had already gone through the sliding doors. He’s gone. Kyuhyun’s gone forever. He left me… And Ryeowook drops to the ground to cry.


Kyuhyun walks through the glass doors. He hears someone call out to him, the voice seeming utterly familiar. Can it be? He makes a move to turn around and look, but the doors close right then, blocking all of his sight. But even though it closed, he had caught a small glimpse of a man standing not far away.



Ryeowook’s wet tears fall down from his face onto his hands and the marble floor. He wants to grip the ground, but he can’t. His nails scratch into the ground painfully as he let out numerous sobs.

“Come back… Please come back, Kyuhyun… Don’t go…” He cries softly into the thin air. “I remember now, Hyunnie. I remember… Why’d you go?”

Someone bends down on one knee in front of him, and he looks up with his tear-filled eyes.


Kyuhyun asks the workers to let him back into the airport. He tells them he has changed his mind about leaving and doesn’t want to get on the plane. They tell him they can’t do anything about it, but since he’s a famous person they can’t refuse, so they give in and let him go. Kyuhyun comes out of the back exit only for workers, and sees Ryeowook on the ground crying. He smiles even though his love is crying. He knows he deserves to feel sad, but he instead he feels happy. Ryeowook came to find him. Ryeowook is crying for him to come back. Ryeowook said he remembers.

He walks over to his hyung and kneels down in front of him. When he sees those tear-filled eyes though, he feels guilty for making him cry like this, in such a public place too.


All Ryeowook could think of is: Kyuhyun? He instantly moves forward and wraps his arms tightly around Kyuhyun’s waist, scared that if he let go Kyuhyun will get up and leave him. He begins to sob again.

“Don’t go, please don’t go! You can’t leave me, Hyunnie! Not here, not now! I remember everything, Kyuhyun! I really do, and I’m sorry! I’m so sorry for hurting you! Please don’t leave…” He cries frantically, whispering his last sentence.

Kyuhyun smiles some more. Ryeowook looked really vulnerable, but he finds it insanely adorable. His boyfriend is afraid of him leaving. What isn’t cute about that? He wraps his arms around Ryeowook, and place the side of his face on top of Ryeowook’s head.

“It’s okay, Ryeowook. I’m not going anywhere, at least not anymore.” Kyuhyun whispers soothingly, his fingers going through his boyfriend’s silky hair.

Kyuhyun bends his head a bit to place a loving kiss in Ryeowook’s hair. Ryeowook’s hold tightens.

“You promise?” Ryeowook spoke it so quiet it was almost hard to hear.

“I promise.” Kyuhyun promises with a small nod.

He moves in and tips Ryeowook’s chin up a little, allowing their lips touch.

“I love you,” he whispers.


omgee, i'm finally done with this fic! 8D i would like to thank all of my readers for being so patient with me and my updates. i love you guys A LOT, and hope you all will read my future stories. thanks for all of your support! and one more thanks! thanks to you guys, i was able to finish my first fic ever! 8D i love you guys<3

remember, if i get enough people wanting an epilogue for this fic, an epilogue will come, so this might not be the total end of the fic. (: and oh yea, the voting of the pairing for my next fiction is still going! so far kiwook (kibumxryeowook) is winning! go and vote if you haven't yet!

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