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[oneshot] KyuWook; A Way To Find The Truth And Trust (Part 1)

Title: A Way To Find The Truth And Trust (Part 1)
Pairing: KyuWook
Others: Heechul, etc.
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Romance
Author's Note: I swear, I'm in a mood for angsty stuff this week! xD I do not know why. Also, I've been noticing a lot of KyuWook fanfics off Miracle, lately too! Explains why I'm writing this pairing too. They are one of my opts by the way. Kekeke~ I dunno, Kyu's just everywhere nowdays? Lol. But, okay, you guys can get to the story now~ 8D I hope you guys enjoy it! Oh! Because the oneshot was so long, I had to split it into two parts! D:
Summary: Kyuhyun doesn't have enough trust in his boyfriend when hears that Ryeowook was cheating behind his back, which leads to a big problem he's got to get fixed before something happens.

“You know he loves you, right?” Heechul says softly.


Kyuhyun didn’t answer. He only continued to stare up at the ceiling. He had yelled at Ryeowook and hurt him. He wasn’t sure why he hit his boyfriend across his face. Maybe it was the anger that was built so strong in him when he heard that Ryeowook had been cheating with someone behind his back. He had hurt Ryeowook, which caused the boy to run out of their dorm. He wasn’t crying when he left, but Kyuhyun saw in his eyes, sadness and disbelief. Kyuhyun shut his eyes closed and breathed in some air, letting it out as soon as he had taken it in.


“Don’t bother me, hyung.” He said, expression blank.


“Oh no, Kyuhyun; you better listen to what I have to say.” Heechul says, voice a tad bolder.


“Hyung, I-“


 “Listen to me, Kyuhyun. Yelling at your boyfriend is one thing, but hitting him across the face is a totally different thing. Yes, your fights can get intense, but you shouldn’t hit him like that without proper reasons. You don’t even know if what that person told you was true! I just don’t think you did the right thing. It’s like you have no trust in him.


“He told you he didn’t do it, but you went on ahead calling him a liar and all that shit. You know how hurtful those words were? Even I don't say those things to Hankyung and Siwon. When I hear things like that about them-“


“You guys talk it out and have make-up sex.” Kyuhyun interrupted.


 “That’s true, but we also believe each other. No matter how much you love each other, there will always be obstacles in your way. There is such a thing as peace in relationships, but there is no such thing as a

peacefully forever. That’s why it’s good to have a strong trust.”


Kyuhyun turned and looked at his hyung, who was sitting at the end of his bed.


“Well, hyung…”




“What if he really is? How can I know he’s not lying to me?”


“I can see why you’re in a jam here, dongsaeng. You guys haven’t dated for a long time therefore your trust isn’t as strong. But you know what?”




“I can’t tell you how to find out the truth because the truth may never be visible to me, but to you it is. Only you will be able to tell if he’s telling the truth or not. It’s not up to me or anyone else to judge him at all.”




“You see, Kyuhyun; if maybe... only maybe, if you could just look directly into his eyes for a moment, you’d see the truth and what he’s really worth. Don’t waste time in finding out the truth because you’re scared. Because sometimes when you find out the truth, it’ll already be too late.” Heechul said with a small smile.

Kyuhyun looked away from Heechul, once again turning his gaze up to the ceiling. He felt Heechul pat his leg before getting up and leaving him alone to think. Once Kyuhyun was sure Heechul was out of his room and away from the door, he groaned in frustration and turned to his side, only to see a picture of him and Ryeowook together smiling. He stared at it for what seemed like forever, until he began to doze off into his dreamland. I’m sorry, Ryeowook…

“Don’t you go anywhere, do you hear me?”

“I won’t, hehe.”

“Promise me you’ll stay right here!”

“I promise. Now go and hurry back before I leave without you. Haha!”

He ran off, leaving Ryeowook where he promised to stay and wait for him. He had forgotten his sweater on the bench in the park. Kyuhyun wondered why he had forgotten it so easily, but then pushed back the thought when he found it and threw it back on himself, before heading back. He was smiling like crazy when he walked back, but once he arrived at that one spot, Ryeowook was gone. Worried, his heartbeat picked up its pace, pumping faster each second.

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun called. “Ryeowook, where are you? Come out, this isn’t funny!”

Kyuhyun began to look for him. He knew he shouldn’t panic but he couldn’t stop himself from doing so. He ran and ran, and called for the older boy, but there was no sound from his hyung. He was tired from running and stopped to take a quick rest. He was back where Ryeowook had promised to wait for him. There was still no sign of the older boy.

“His cell phone!” Kyuhyun exclaimed. Why didn’t he think of that earlier?

He grabbed his phone and dialed Ryeowook’s number. It rang for a few seconds too long, before the operator picked up, the female voice telling him the owner wasn’t going to pick up. He hung up and took a deep breath. Just when he was about to continue his search, he finally noticed a large crowd only a few meters away. Wondering what was going on, he ran over there. Maybe Ryeowook was hiding somewhere in that crowd, was what he hoped.

When he got to the crowd and was able to squeeze through to get a better view, his eyes widened in horror. He had found Ryeowook, but he was unconscious on the ground, covered in blood. Without any second thoughts, he ran out of the crowd. He dropped to his knees and cradled the male in his arms. Tears welled up in his eyes as he saw how broken Ryeowook was.

“What happened?!” Kyuhyun asked a nurse that ran by.

“I’m sorry, sir, but you must step back, please.” She instructed as a few other helpers came to take Ryeowook and put him on a stretcher.

“No, please! He’s my… friend! Please tell me what happened!” Kyuhyun cried.

Just then a police officer came over to take care of the deal.

“There was a drive by shooting, and it seems like your friend was one of the victims who had been shot along with a few others.” The officer explained.

Kyuhyun shook his head. He stepped away from the scene as he saw the ambulance drive Ryeowook away. His, Ryeowook had been shot… He shook his head as tears fell from his eyes. He turned around and ran. This wasn’t happening… no. Ryeowook hadn’t been shot… This was all just a mistake… He shouldn’t have been shot. No! His boyfriend isn’t dead yet! Not yet! It’s his entire fault for leaving him there alone… It’s all his fault his boyfriend is dead… DEAD!

“Ryeowook!!!!” Kyuhyun screamed.

Kyuhyun jerked up from his bed, drenched in sweat. There was a loud rumble of thunder and he heard the rain hitting the roof hard, the sound resonating throughout the dorm. His heart was beating rapidly and his breathing was ragged. He shut his eyes closed, and shook the horrible dream out of his head.

“It’s just a dream, Kyuhyun,” he mumbled to himself, as he calmed.

Kyuhyun turned to look around and noticed it was already getting dark out. He looked at the picture of him and Ryeowook once again, and Heechul’s words from earlier came back to him.

You see, Kyuhyun; if maybe... only maybe, if you could just look directly into his eyes for a moment, you’d see the truth and what he’s really worth. Don’t waste time in finding out the truth because you’re scared. Because sometimes when you find out the truth, it’ll already be too late…

Without hesitating, Kyuhyun rushed out of bed and out of his room. He went into the kitchen and got himself a drink of water. He checked the time and noticed it was already 6:00pm. I wonder if Ryeowook came back yet, Kyuhyun wondered. He put away the cup and was about to leave the kitchen when Jungsu came in.

“Oh, hyung,” came Kyuhyun’s voice.

“Hey, Kyuhyun.” Jungsu smiled sadly.

That smile… something was wrong and Kyuhyun could sense it. Could it be that his dream was real? Did something happen to Ryeowook? No… it couldn’t have, right?

“Is something wrong, hyung?” Kyuhyun asked, panic arising inside of him.

To Be Continued... (Part 2)

By the way, you guys know what amazes me? I'm listening to "What If", by Super Junior. xD I was listening to that when I posted my SJ fic two nights ago too! Kekeke.
Tags: angst, kyuhyun, kyuwook, romance, ryeowook

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